Set in the apartment of an Australian couple on the night of their seventh anniversary is 6ate7, a
film to be featured in our festival on opening night. Directed by Maggie Kiley, this film follows
Tim and Emma through what begins as a night of celebration of their time spent together. As the
night progresses, the couple that thought they knew everything about one another comes to an
unpleasant realization, good things aren’t always as good as they seem.

As Tim is finishing his annual anniversary mixed CD for Emma, he happens upon a letter
addressed to her from her gynecologist. Emma and Tim had been trying to have a baby for a
long time so when Tim saw the envelope he assumed only good news, that she was pregnant. He
joyfully pries Emma to get her to tell him, but she unexpectedly denies that she has any news.

This film highlights the sentiment that relationships are incredibly messy and when partners
make mistakes that appear duplicitous, they could come from heartfelt intentions.

Kiley’s vision comes to life with creative camera movement and dialogue. The playful,
yet feisty conversation between the couple makes it difficult for the audience to decide which
partner is in the wrong in this situation, it keeps them guessing. Overall, 6ate7 film depicts love
in a very unconditional form, expressing the give and take that a seven-year relationship

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