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La La Land may not have won best picture at the Oscars, but the multi award winning musical directed by Damien Chazelle won the majority of our hearts all over the world. Those who said great movies are dead were proven wrong when the stunning Old Hollywood classic graced the big screens last December. The movie musical with a surprisingly modern twist stars Emma Stone as Mia, an aspiring actress, and Ryan Gosling as Sebastian, an aspiring Jazz musician.

la la land 1The cinematic masterpiece follows the two dreamers who find themselves lost in the city of stars. Luckily for them, their paths cross in a way that seems to be fate, and together they try to navigate the hardships of following their dreams and trying to achieve success, all while falling in love at the same time. But as each of their success mounts, they soon face the realities of what it means to find true happiness. Their decisions to pursue their big dreams also deteriorates their passionate and beautiful love affair. Though the ending may not have been the most popular for those who love romance, it made the movie not only good, but one of the best of all time – a classic for generations to come. The alternative ending to a Hollywood fairytale better fit reality, showing us that with success comes great sacrifice.

In addition to the stunning plot is the euphoric soundtrack composed by Justin Hurwitz. Every piece oozes charm and an old hollywood elegance, but also provides a perfect modern touch that compliments the plotline. From the beginning, we are thrown into a technicolor world of dreamers singing and dancing on a busy Los Angeles freeway. ‘Another Day of Sun’ is a fun, magical tune still stuck in our heads. ‘Someone in the Crowd’ gave us a fun and subtle homage to Grease, as Emma Stone’s character attends an elite Hollywood party with her girlfriends. ‘Mia and Sebastian’s Theme’ is arguably one of the most melancholic and stunning pieces in the whole film, in that it encapsulates the beauty and disappointment of pursuing our dreams. The stunning piano piece that repeats throughout the film representing the different points of Mia and Sebastian’s relationship is reminiscent of the kind of music we used to hear in classic pieces of cinema.

la la land 2The most famous musical piece, ‘City of Stars’, leaves us with a bittersweet feeling as it tells the tale of our two lovers and the story of their destinies.  The audition, Emma Stone’s shining moment, is one of the best scenes of the entire film. She sings so elegantly about the realities of dreams and the messes we create while chasing them. What La La Land gives us as an audience is a feeling of joy, heartbreak, and euphoria all at once, through the plotline and its accompanying tunes. With tear inducing pieces and many laughable moments, the magic the visually stunning La La Land will shine on our TV screens and in our hearts for years to come.

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