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When filmmakers submit a film to ÉCU, they have not just the opportunity to show their work to an audience at ÉCU Film Festival in Paris, but they have the chance to be part of the ÉCU-on-the-Road tour and screen their film around the globe. And all this is possible because of the partnerships that ÉCU maintains with other festivals around the 5 continents. For the 6th year in a row, ÉCU is proud to be the partner of Naperville Independent Film Festival (NIFF) and showcase its awarded films to the American audiences.

Starting September 13th, the Naperville Independent Film Festival will be screening 50 films from all genres in three different venues : at AMC Showplace Cinema, North Center and at Center Stage. Along with their officially selected films, 14 films from ÉCU 2014 will screened, including The Best European Independent Film 2014 216 MONTHS (dir: Valentin Potier, Frédéric Potier), Best European Dramatic Short 2014 GREAT (dir: Andreas Henn) and Best Animated Film 2014 DRAG ME (dir: Nikos Kellis).

naperville_laurels150“The winners from there (ÉCU) come over here, we screen them here; and all the winners from here go over there, they screen them there. They accept films that were nominated and won at other film festivals, and out of the batch of winners, they pick the best. So when we get these films from Europe, they are already the best of the best.”, says Edmond Coisson, founder of the NIFF.

Year-to-year, the festival continues to draw a growing number of local and regional indie-film fans, and the organizers of the annual event are pleased to see the film festival as a well-established fixture on the busy Naperville events calendar.

“For us, it has been a very fruitful collaboration especially because of the opportunity we give to the European filmmakers that participated in ÉCU to get their films showcased to the American public” said Scott Hillier, The European Independent Film Festival President about the long lasting partnership with Naperville Independent Film Festival.

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