A month of both pounding rain and long walks of sunshine, October’s strangeness does not fall far from the daily happenings in the ÉCU office.  With the 2013 Festival Team near complete and film submissions starting to come in by droves, you can already feel the anticipation of the months that will lead up to the 8th annual European Independent Film Festival.  Excitement, along with contemplation of how much sleep we’ll all get.

October may be a peculiar time for weather but the city of Paris has no rest for the bizarre. Watch our “Intern Buzz of the month” to see how our interns from around the World deal with the adjustment to unfamiliar Parisian life. Get adjusted yourself by looking at “What to Do in Paris”, a guide outlining some of the fantastic events the city has to offer.

Outside of Paris, ÉCU remains busy on the road. We stopped by Romania for the Romania International Film Festival and were seen in Toronto at the Toronto International Film Festival and also had a screenings at International Short Film Festival of Cyprus.

We may be busy traveling but ÉCU never forgets to spotlight the important people that have made a difference in film. Check out this month’s Spotlighted People including Helen Hunt, Joseph Gordon  Levitt, Charlie Kaufman, and Grata Gerwig.

We hope you’re getting as excited as we for 2013 ÉCU Film Festival! If you’re no jumping up and down with the prospect of next March, try watching some of the new submission trailers like ‘A Spark’, ‘I am Tom Moody’, and ‘New Empire’. Who knows, one of these could be a winner!

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