November rhymes with Barcelona ! Oh it doesn’t ? At least it does at the ÉCU office where all and everyone has had their hands on the preparations for the 3 days screening. The event will start Thursday the 14th and runs until Saturday 16th. We will showcase 24 films from 12 different countries – all from ÉCU 2013’s Official Selection. You can still get your tickets here – but if you’re not able to be there you can tune in on our website for some exciting live streamings!

Don’t forget NOW it is your time to shine! 17 th November is the Earlybird deadline for your film submissions!!! It’s a unique chance to be part of ÉCU 2014 and get your film showcased around the world! Submit it here now!

ÉCU-on-the-Road is expanding as always and this month we are proud to have gotten two new  partnerships in Belarus. The first is «The International Short Film Festival Cinema Perpetuum Mobile » which is one of the most important independent film festivals in Belarus. The other one is « The One Short Film Festival » which focuses on supporting the young filmmakers. Short films, young filmmakers and independent films are definitely something we are happy to support at ÉCU !

Also what always makes us happy here at ECU is to see other film festivals with the same goals and ideas about promoting independent films and filmmakers. Case in point, our partner festival Cape Town and Winelands International Film Festival. Although their official screenings will be held in March, they’ve decided to do a Preview Non-Competitive Film Festival from the 2-7 November. The public will have the chance to get a taste of the Festival’s programming and come back for more on March 2014.

Did you get to read this month’s Spotlights?

A new hopeful talent Dee Rees alongside two mega stars of the independent cinema, Woody Allen and Jim Jarmusch. Dee Rees made the spotlight with her film ‘Pariah’ which follows a Brooklyn teenager struggling to find her identity and her own footing in the world through sexual expression. Dee Rees managed to find her own voice and speak up for herself through her film. And because the search never ends, or at least it shouldn’t Woody Allen reminded us again that he can be capable for greatness through his Blue Jasmine and a chance to reminisce on his past films that marked cinema one way or another. And finally, Jim Jarmusch the independent king of American cinema that made head turns once again with his take on vampires with Only Lovers Left Alive. For everyone that has not yet the chance to see his latest film, you can always check out the Spotlight and re-watch some of his older films or discover his filmography all together!

Don’t be late and submit your films and then maybe you’ll be our next spotlight!

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