ÉCU has had a pretty busy month this October! With the skies turning grey and the rain closing in we have had no excuse but to watch all of the amazing submissions we have been receiving. Aside from this we have also continued screening ÉCU 2014 winning films all around the world.

First, our ÉCU-on-the-Road tour went to Innsbruck, Austria where three ÉCU winning films from 2014 were included in the Official Selection of the 2nd edition of the Tyrolean Independent Film Festival: GREAT (dir. Andreas Henn), DRAG ME (dir. Nikos Kellis), NOT ANYMORE: A STORY OF A REVOLUTION (dir. Matthew VanDyke). NOT ANYMORE: A STORY OF A REVOLUTION won the Grand Prix of the Jury (Golden Cowbell), and GREAT got an honorary mention. We are overjoyed about this success. Promoting our filmmakers and spreading their innovative talent across borders is our priority and we believe in them.

For its second stop of the month, ÉCU-on-the-Road went to Aarhus in Denmark, where our beloved partner Aarhus Independent Pixels organized a special screening program of ÉCU 2014 winning films: CLOSED BOX, (dir. Riccardo Salvetti and Gianfranco Boattini); SECOND WIND, (dir. Sergey Tsyss), 216 MONTHS (dir. Valentin Potier and Frédéric Potier); JIMINY, (dir. Arthur Molard) and CHAINS OF LOVE (dir. Martina Plura).

As we always say, it is important for us to get together with festivals that share our own mission, in order to support the talents who deserve to be pushed. That’s why we never stop. Next month we’re going to Aesthetica Short Film Festival that will take place in 15 iconic venues across the historic city of York, UK, from 6th – 9th November 2014. Be sure to keep being updated with our tour.

As you can see from our social media, we are always searching for creative talent from which we can draw inspiration. This month we stumbled upon the amazing time-lapse video “J’adore Paris” created and produced by photographer Paul Richardson. It made us fall in love with Paris even more, so we decided to interview him. You can read the whole interview on our blog here.

It’s getting colder and colder outside so why not wrap yourself up in a blanket, sit on the couch and watch some films on our web channel EuroIFC. There is no need to get up because we are uploading new content every single week. Stay updated with our adventures on your favorite social network (we’re on all of them!). We will keep on posting creative and inspiring content, interviews with the previous festivals’ filmmakers, what-to-do’s in Paris and more.

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