The OPEN CINEMA Film Festival is a renommated film festival in Saint-Petersburg, also known as the cultural centre of Russia. The festival is the biggest short film festival you can find in the country. Furthermore, it manages to provide its viewers with an amazing scenery as the screening takes place along the beach of the Neva river. OPEN CINEMA Film Festival has similar aims to the ÉCU, one of the reasons why we decided to partner up years ago.

It is the intention of both film festival‘s to democratize and promote authored films, but also to try and discover new names for their audiences. Furthermore, it is their specific aim to increase the audience of independent films worldwide!

The OPEN CINEMA Film Festival wants to unite all filmmakers and film lovers in order to present them with international independent films and to show them how many different approaches to filmmaking there are in the world. The festival is very young and one of its main aims is to make it clear to independent filmmakers how important an individual approach to cinema is. Furthermore, it has the intention to attract creative people with many ideas who are able to move and shape the world of independent cinema. Additionally, the festival really wants to promote other arts in order to give creativity the chance to express itself.

This year, the festival took place from the 2nd until the 8th of August and furthermore showed two films which were part of ÉCU’s “Official Selection” 2013 – the short music video: “I‘ve Only just Begun“ and the short film “Good Night“.


Anna-Louisa Werner

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