I would have completely missed the Q&A’s with directors if not for our boss, the President of the festival, Scott Hillier:

“Hey, guys, you need to go there and listen. These creative people are saying amazing stuff about their films!”

“Wow, sounds promising,” I thought.

My first Q&A was with the directors Don Thacker (US feature Motivational Growth) and Warwick Brown (short film from Australia Amanda Loves Corey). While Don Thacker, full of energy, started talking about his film, the audience couldn’t stop laughing. The emergence of Don’s film was told with so many funny tales that the audience was simply thrilled. We could have listened to him forever, and many questions transpired afterwards in the cinema hall as the audience surrounded him enthusiasticallz. It was great to see people so interested that they talked to the filmmakers outside of the Q&A without being shy or indifferent.

It was Warwicks turn speak. Amanda Loves Corey is a film with incredibly beautiful pictures. When Warwick told the story of his film I suddenly felt like I was inside the film with it’s amazing music, breathtaking landscapes, and this lonely broken man in search of himself. At this moment I felt really happy to work for a film festival because I get to hear these stories and listen to these creative people. I also had a crazy thought,

“…if I would be a director I would have following story…”

There were other Q&As and everytime I was stunned at the impressive people who have ideas and who have stories to tell. When the directors start talking about their films they change: they are inspired, enlightened and simply, they love their films and want people to love them too. They are so happy and proud when they see response and interest, when they see that the audience honestly liked their films. They are shy and a bit nervous, both those who present their films at the film festival for the first time and those who have visited hundreds of festivals. They are amazing. They are independent.


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