ÉCU’s late deadline is approaching, you only have until January 5th to submit your films to the festival. Still not sure why you should do that? Well, we will give you 7 simple reasons. Be prepared!

Reason #1: GET SEEN by industry professionals, cinema lovers, other filmmakers, members of the press, distributors…


Reason #2 : GET JUDGED by a panel of experts from across the worlds of media, film, and journalism.

get judged

Reason #3 : PARTICIPATE IN our workshops, seminars, parties, and of course all of the festival’s screenings in the City of Lights.


Reason #4: PROMOTE your work. The trailers for the films we receive will be shown across out social media networks, we conduct interviews with the filmmakers and promote them in our social media which reaches thousands of people a month.


Reason #5: NETWORK at the festival. The festival offers the chance to network with other independent film makers, film industry professionals, members of the press and many more folks.


Reason #6: JOIN THE ÉCU COMMUNITY – a creative meeting point for filmmakers out there on their own since 2006.


Reason #7: TRAVEL the world with “ÉCU-on-the-Road” an initiative where ÉCU screens films from the Official Selection around the world at our partner festivals, special screenings and films schools.


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