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Scott Hillier, Festival President

It’s hard to believe that it’s been five years already. Five years of hard work, five years of listening to the disbelievers who said that this event would never happen. My reward is a mind full of the great films that we have screened, the pleasure I’ve seen in our audiences eyes and the filmmakers we’ve had the honour to share moments with. What joy – and it continues.

ÉCU 2010 is slimmer, trimmer and dare I say it, shaping up to be even better than our previous festivals. We’re building a new and enthusiastic team, refocused our methodology and are settling into a new venue. We’ve moved into the centre of Paris, to the Cinema Le Grand Action, and look forward to increasing our audiences and exposure opportunities for the filmmakers in competition this year.

We are utilizing the digital world as it becomes an intrinsic part of our day-to-day DNA and with the immense impact that social media is having in our lives we share our independent filmmaking vision with literally millions of people. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and to keep up to date with all the latest news in the lead-up to ÉCU 2010.

So, we have a new team, a new location and a newer, faster digital environment to move in but one thing remains constant – our commitment to discovering the very best storytellers. We continually search for films that weave stories together so cleverly that they awaken our slumbering creativity, stimulate our imagination and sear themselves into our brains. Stories that make us think. Stories that make us dream. We are a curious bunch, independent filmmakers, our sleep is rare, we don’t wait well, we push ourselves – and those around us – to bring our vision to the silver screen. We want, no we need, to share our stories. As we attempt to touch and thrill, to incite and excite our audience’s sensitivities we open our souls and shine a light deep into our darkest shadows. We plot and plan, change one scene for another in our overworked minds, block out our shots a million times and wrestle with our creative insecurities – but we stand bold about our ambitions. We desire to leave our mark on the world. The enthralling world of storytelling.

I invite you to join us for an intense meeting of minds, a chance to surround yourselves with those of similar ilk and the possibility to drown yourself in the whirlpool of creative exchange that will be ÉCU 2010.

Submissions to The European Independent Film Festival 2010 are open till 14th January 2010. Let’s make ‘em dream ladies and gentlemen!

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