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For the ending of this year’s Christmas season we would like to draw your attention to another French director – Arnaud Desplechin and especially one of his latest movie A CHRISTMAS TALE.

images-2Arnaud Desplechin started his career as a filmmaker after graduating from University of Paris III:Sorbonne Nouvele in 1984 by creating several short movies ta were inspired by the novels of Jean Ray. Step by step he was moving towards making feature films, when in 1990 he make the 54-minute-long movie LA VIE DES MORTS that was screened in 1990 Cannes Film festival and won Jean Vigo Prize in Shor Movies category. Importance of this movie lies in the fact that several actors starred in it that will later on also appear in the other Desplechin movies, among those Emmanuel Salinger, Emmanuelle Devos et al. In 1992 Desplechin created his first feature-length movie THE SENTINEL, which premiered in Cannes Film Festival. However, his second movie released in 1996 MY SEX LIFE…OR HOW I GOT INTO AN ARGUMENT is what draw attention to this at the time new rising French director. This movie tells a story about a young Parisian intellectual and all the life questions he is dealing with. After successful start in the cinematic world in 2000 Desplechin made another feature-length movie, bus this time an English-spoken ESTHER KAHN. A story of the movie is based on the one of Arthus Symons. The movie was seen as having a touch of influence from François Truffaut works in terms of story told and technique used. In the upcoming years Desplechin made films based on Edward Bond’s play PLAYING “IN THE COMPANY OF MEN” – telling a story about a contemporary form of war among men conducted through bidding. Following movie KINGS AND QUEEN about a two ex-lovers arose some controversies due to previous director’s personal relations.


Nonetheless, as it was mentioned before, considering the time of the year, we would especially like to point out A CHRISTMAS TALE that was also screened in Cannes in 2008. Movie is about a family drama that takes place over the Christmas period, when the family with strained relationships gathers at the parents’ house for celebration and get to know that their mother has leukemia. Movie shows a collection of private moments of the large family’s members in the process of making a decision on whose bone marrow is the most compatible with the mother’s. The master of cinematic language of Desplechin makes turns this movie form a domestic melodrama to a movie revealing the complicated family relationship that refers to the intellectual works of Emerson, Shakespeare, Seamus Heaney and Nietzsche.

On the end note, we hope you enjoy this last Christmas-related movie and explore more of Desplechin’s works to make a distinguished end to this holiday season. After which of course we will be waiting for your submissions to ÉCU!

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