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christian-carionContinuing on the movies with Christmas spirit, we would like to draw your attention to a French movie director Christian Carion and his movie JOYEUX NOËL. Christian grew up in a farm in northern France, not far from the places where the former front during World War I was set, as such, he recalls finding shells and other remnants of the war not far from where he lived during his childhood. As Carion mentioned himself it was impossible not to think about WWI while growing up. However, the story portrayed in the movie was unknown to the director until after he intentionally did some research on it. It is because French authorities had hushed up the story from the wide publicity.

Joyeux NoelCarion discovered and was inspired by a true story in a Yves Buffetaut book “Battles of Flanders and Astois 1914-1918” that covers the sequence of events surrounding WWI between 1914 summer and Christmas Eve. After that he knew then he had to make a film. As such, JOYEUX NOËL tells a remarkable story about the WWI Christmas truce when numerous soldiers along the front laid down their arms in truce, climbed out of the trenches and joined with their emenies in celebrating Christmas together – singing together, drinking together and even playing football. As such, the little-known story of goodwill among men from the opposite sides of trenches is the main subject of the movie. As director described it “the film has more than a European dimension for me. It has a humanistic dimension. In my opinion, anyone on the planet would be touched by the fraternizing that went on, not just the German, English and French. That’s why I’d like to show the film in a country that is at war.”

On this second day of Christmas together with Christian Carion movie we would like to think of all incredible things this period of the year can bring even in the face of the most destructive human activity such as war.

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