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Making lists during the Christmas Holidays is something common, so in order to follow suit this is a list of the 5 holiday movies that should be seen in every household before New Year. And the upside of this list is that it doesn’t matter if you are naughty or nice you will still get a present out of it.

disney-mary-poppinsIf you reminisce your childhood and want to recapture some of its magic then this film might just do it for you ! It contains singing and dancing, a flying nanny and Dick van dyke sweeping chimneys in a fake british accent ! The film in question is of course Mary Poppins. One of Walt Disney’s most beloved classics, may not take place in Christmas, however it is a nod to our childhood and has magic written all over it. The film won many awards upon its release and is held as one of Disney’s greatest achievements. Even the most cynical of souls should admit that a spoonful of sugar does indeed make the medicine go down and believe me this is the best medicine on a cold Christmas day.

scrogedIf you prefer your classics with a bit of a twist then this next one is certainly for you. There have been many adaptations of Charle’s Dickens’ classic “A Christmas Carol, but this one takes the cake in my mind since you have Bill Murray in the mix, a lot of 80’s kitsch and a critique of the voracious nature of media. Scrooged takes place in a television set where an adaptation of a “Christmas Carol” is shot and the Scrooge in question is a ruthless television executive. The rest is as you remember it, three ghosts do visit, Scrooge does repent and everybody gets their happily ever after as it should, it is a Christmas movie after all!

nightmare-before-christmasThe next film comes from the mind of a solitary child who found comfort in the holidays, this time of year would give him some sort of texture as there wasn’t before, he would later say. The solitary child grew up and out of his imagination sprung Jack Skellington. The artist is Tim Burton and the film is A Nightmare Before Christmas. As the story goes, Jack Skellington a being from Halloween town found a portal to Christmas town where he discovers Christmas for the first time and upon his return to his homeland he is reluctantly forced to lead the Halloween people to take over Christmas. This stop animation musical features creatures from the dark corners of our imagination and things made out of nightmares. But at the same time shows that even the skeletons and the bogeymen of this world , or another to be precise, need a little christmas spirit.

bad santaUsually Santa is the one who decides who is naughty or nice in this case it is Santa that should be reprimanded for his behaviour as the title of the film indicates. Bad Santa is a black comedy with Billy Bob Thorton in the eponymous role as a professional heistman who takes on the Santa routine each year in a different mall as a front for disabling the mall’s security system and cleaning out the safe. Willie the alcoholic, wicked Santa of our story meets a charming bartender Sue with a Santa fetisch and naive boy Thurman who believes that Willie is actually Santa. Through these meetings and a lot of shenanigans he ends up shot at the hospital and somewhat abandoning his wicked ways. Here is one for the closeted romantics who secretly believe that everyone can be touched by holiday magic but will never admit it in public.

love actuallyAnd last but not least in our list a bonafide Christmas movie with something for everyone. Leave all your christmas blues and cynicism behind and let the loveliness of Love Actually wash over you. Thought up by the master of romantic comedies Richard Curtis, Love Actually takes place in Christmas London and follows the romantic or otherwise entanglements of several people who in the end are somehow interlinked. The message is simple Love is All around as the song goes or Christmas is all around as the old rocker of the film Billy Mack sings in his comeback hit. The stories include unrequited loves, cheating husbands, loved up prime ministers, first loves, sexed up Englishmen going to America, everlasting love between two friends and much more.

The film is unapologetically romantic, optimistic and believes without a doubt that because it is Christmas the impossible can become possible. So surrender to its marshmallowed view of the world that would melt the heart of the ginchiest of the grinches.

Enjoy this list and be inspired to create your own magical story and then don’t forget to submit it to the ÉCU so it can reach as many people as the Holiday spirit!

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