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For this Friday spotlight we’ve chosen an Irish film director: Tomm Moore.

Tomm Moore was born in 1977 in Newry. His career of director and screenwriter is based on his passion for animated films: “They always have a metaphorical sense. It is a way to understand better the world”, he said. That’s what he did with his films: he explained the world and its values.

The secret of KellsIn 2009 he directed THE SECRET OF KELLS. The film was created thanks to the work of several animation studios of different nationalities and it had soon a great success: in fact it was nominated for the Oscar award 2010 for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year.THE SECRET of KELLS is about a 12 year-old boy who, after a meeting with an old man, faced many dangers to reach his aim and to realize his dream.

The song of the sea

In 2014 Tomm Moore directed his masterpiece: SONG OF THE SEA. This film is the concretization of his idea of animated world: it is a description of the drama of world through a fairy tale. Thanks to it Tomm Moore managed to attract young and old audience in the same way, this is the reason why the film was also nominated for the Oscar award 2015 for Best Animated Feature Film of the Year.

“Animation has no age”, Tomm Moore thinks; so animated films teach to everybody how to know the world through fantasy. That’s our Friday message: look over the appearance, it’s the only way to understand the intrinsic meaning of the world.

At ÉCU, we also accept submissions into our animation category, so if you are a visionary just like Tomm Moore and want to share your work with audiences, then ÉCU is a place for you. Submit your work now!

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