We would like to extend a very big thank you to all our submission judges who participated in the 13th edition of ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival. Each year we strive to highlight the very best independent filmmakers and we are very proud of the reputation that we have garnered over the years. With that in mind, we know that this festival would not be possible without the support, expertise, and generosity of our exceptional judges. Our judges are not only what make our festival possible, but they play a large part in what makes our festival special. Their tireless help, passion, and energy enable us to provide a unique venue for emerging innovative and cinematic talent to be recognized on an international level. We think that we speak on behalf of everyone in saying that we are extremely grateful for all the hard work and time that our judges have put forward to making this festival happen. We are beyond excited for the 13th edition of the festival and we absolutely couldn’t have done it without them!

Here is the complete list of our ÉCU 2018 submission judges:

Luigi Abanto Varese Yağmur Altan Paul Anderson Nicolas Auzeine
Faramarz Beheshti Justin Berardi Randy Bernard Jim Bittermann
D. Jeremy Bolton Stephan Bookas Stephen David Brooks Rudolf Buitendach
Rebecca Calder Luz Olivares Capelle Ely Chevillot Anne Chlosta
Samantha Collins  Jim Cummings Gevi Dimitrakopoulou Brigitte Drodtloff
Frida Farrell Giada Ghiringhelli Phil Hall Dawn Han
Totie Herman Korinna Herzig Seeta Indrani Jordan Sam Kadi
Andrés Klimek Ruya Koman  Jesse Leaman Rick Limentani
Marc Martinez Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir David Sousa Moreau  José Miguel Moreira
Yann-Yves O’Hayon-Crosby Markus Pajtler Mark Perez WANG Heze/Jennifer Qiao
Peter Rautek Andrew Richardson Ainhoa Rodríguez Sten Rosendahl
Riccardo Salvetti Brahim Samaha Ilker Savaskurt Eric Shahinian
Florence Sobieski Oscar Spierenburg Bogdan Stamatin Gabi Suciu
Sama Waham Michał Wegrzyn Mohammad Zare Dren Zherka

Script judges include:

Laura Murphy, Sophie Gardiner, Kate Kenelly , Alison Shafer, Andrea Brixius, Antonis Lagarias, Blanca Escoda Agustí, Samuel Francis , Austin Urraca, Lindsey Arrington, Giuseppe Mineo, Stephanie Root, Rowan Twine, Casey Burgess, Amelia Underwood, Julia Hoelzle, Danielle Hillman, Letizia Grassi, Giulia Noli, Sara Craig, Eisa Marissa, Ginevra Ghezzi, Maddalena Cunial, Manuela Famà, Johanna Holzer, Muge Altay, Emma Cary, Kyla Leonard, Julia Pivniouk, Eleanor Benson, Selen Sterzi, Maia Koz.

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