Français   The holiday fever is already halfway through. Paris seems to be more relaxed than ever, though things never stop buzzling around.  There are many exciting activities to indulge yourself into – all the culture events, or simply drinks and sun at the Paris Plage. This year fireworks on the National Bastille Day were spectacular […]

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What to do in Paris in July

Français Open air cinema, night run, fireworks and much more. In July there are more events in Paris then days in a month. So grab your calendar and mark the days. Ready to have an amazing time? Films Cinétoiles festival. All cinemaphiles, rise and shine! For its first edition, the outdoor film festival Cinétoiles screens […]

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What to Do in July

It is hard to believe, but the first month of summer has already finished though it seems that Paris is only starting to warm up. All Parisians and the city guests are just going crazy about the summer sales here. If you were not caught by this shopping fever and have some energy left then […]

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Indie tips for Bastille Day

The Champs-Elysees shakes with the pounding of hundreds of hooves as French soldiers march their horses past the Arc de Triomph. The strumming of guitars and pounding of drums flows through every street of Paris and the sky above the Eiffel Tower sparkles with red fireworks. Bastille Day commemorates the storming of Bastille prison and […]

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