As she once again mesmerises us on screen, this time in her film “Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri”, it might be worth paying closer attention to the insurmountable force of nature that is Frances McDormand. As an actress, we know that she is talented – she is one of the very few actors who […]

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Hail, Caesar!

 Français The latest Coen brothers film Hail, Caesar! was advertised as a story of a Hollywood fixer in the 1950s working to keep movie stars in line. Posters immediately reveal its plump casting repertoire with sturdy A-list actors, cutting from the same cloth as the early 2000s Ocean’s trilogy. As expected, this made for nice […]

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Français  “There’s such an effort to try and explain people.” Once said Katherine Matilda “Tilda” Swinton of Kimmerghame, better known as Tilda Swinton. And what is more difficult to try and explain such a unique, independent and complicated person as she is? Tilda Swinton is one of the most famous actresses in the world, for […]

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Spotlight – Coen Brothers

Français It seems there is a common thread that binds great filmmakers, their fascination of storytelling through a lens starts at a very early age. The Coen Brothers are no exception, Joel as a child chose to spend his money from lawn mowing to a Vivitar Super 8 camera. And from then on the Coen […]

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