Français “We have been fortunate to create an in-kind partnership with ÉCU Film Festival in Paris which will allow us to bring the Best of ÉCU to London in 2016. By not charging filmmakers and asking audiences members to ‘pay what they like’, we will be able to make the film programme open and accessible to all […]

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New submission – “GREAT”

Have the Nazis ever watched Charlie Chaplin’s ‘The Great Dictator’? “GREAT” is an European Comedy by Andreas Henn and a new submission to ÉCU 2014. Have a look at its trailer!

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Interview – “Blanche Nuit”

A walk on a memory lane – check out this interview with the cast of “Blanche Nuit”, a comedy that was part of the last year’s Official Selection. Find out what they think of the international environment they found at ÉCU and why they love to be indies!

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New Submission – Battlecock!

ÉCU 2014 just received a new submission for the European Comedy Film category. The Dukinson brothers have finally beaten their arch rivals, but the Krullmuller sisters are out for blood and revenge is a dish best served underarm. Welcome…to Battlecock!

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Submit to ÉCU 2014

Whether imagined or real, stories are created every day, and the world is always in need of a good story. Character-driven, plot-driven, or just plain driven, ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival continually searches for the most talented storytellers and cinematic visionaries that make their stories a reality. Through this dedicated quest and passion […]

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