Français   The sun, the smiles and so the summer is on in never-sleeping Paris. Little fun is always needed and of course as everyone else, our team enjoys getting some fresh air outside of the office. Still, the midsummer-the shortest night of the year has already passed and we are here to remind you guys […]

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ÉCU May Updates

Français     Our team has been enjoying the spring sunshine and preparing for the next edition of ÉCU. Couple of really exciting news here: firstly, the new dates for our XI edition have been announced – mark your calendars for April 8-9-10, 2016 for the coolest indie fun ever. Secondly, ÉCU is now opened for […]

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Kadi Lokk, our festival manager’s Call for Submissions to ÉCU 2012!

Our esteemed festival manager, Kadi Lokk, wants YOU to submit to ÉCU 2012! Once your done laughing, make sure you don’t miss the EARLYBIRD dealine on November 20th!

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Departure Teaser

NEW SUBMISSION TO ÉCU 2012 Two astronauts fight for survival and the chance to return home, after their ship suffers a water leak. Deux astronautes lutte pour la survie et la chance de rentrer chez eux, après que leur navire subit une fuite d’eau.

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The Early Bird Deadline is in just 2 days!

Don’t miss the ÉCU European Independent Film Festival EarlyBird deadline on November 20th – submit your film today!

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ÉCU’s CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS! A quirky animation showing you the road to ÉCU! Don’t miss our EarlyBird Deadline – November 20th 2011

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