Spotlight – Gianfranco Rosi

This week we will be focusing on film director Gianfranco Rosi and his most recent achievement, prestigious Golden Lion award for the best film at the Venice Film Festival 2013 that he won with his documentary film Sacro GRA. An important fact to begin with is that the film was a first documentary to win […]

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SPOTLIGHT: Chris Marker- the controversial director

This week the spotlight is on Chris Marker, a French avant-garde director known for his controversial documentaries, who has just died at the age of 91. He steered away from the conventional norms of Hollywood cinema and opted for an experimental approach to his filmmaking. He was the innovator of the essay film, a now […]

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Ooanagh Kearney : Her Mother’s Daughters Interview

by Alexander Acosta Osorio ÉCU 2012 winner for Best Editing “Her Mother’s Daughters”, director Ooanagh Kearney dishes on her film as well as inspiration, challenges and what the future holds for her. This interview was written couple of weeks before ÉCU 2012 festival. “Her Mother’s Daughters”  tells the story of an older woman who stands […]

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The passage – interview with the director

‘The Passage” is an Official Selection film for the ÉCU 2012 Film Festival and we were lucky enough to have Fabien Montagnier, the director chat with us about his film! He dishes on how he feels being selected for ÉCU and what he wanted to tell to his audience with his movie. Check it out! […]

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Nikola Chapelle Workshop at ÉCU 2012

Nikola Chapelle: The role of sound, from pre-production to post-production, is a vital aspect of filmmaking and Nikola Chapelle is here to help in a specifically designed workshop! It will focus on good quality sound mixing to boost the overall impression of a film and provide useful tips and suggestions. So do you dream of […]

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Charles Weinstein Workshop at ÉCU 2012

Charles Weinstein: Are you an actor in search of improving your craft? Or interested in entering the film industry and eager to get a head start in the industry? Charles Weinstein is providing a workshop for YOU! A film director from New York City and having worked with big names such as Laura Linney, Calista […]

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