Movie Review: Lady Bird.

As a huge Greta Gerwig fan, I am not surprised that I liked “Lady Bird”. However even I am surprised, despite my extreme partiality for this actress-turned-writer-turned-director, about how much I actually loved it. During the course of the film, we follow a year in the life of Christine Mcpherson aka “Lady Bird” (that is […]

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ÉCU spotlight: Greta Gerwig and the ‘mumblecore’ film movement

  As the premise of ÉCU is to encourage and promote those who pursue their dreams in independent filmmaking, we are spotlighting the rising star, Greta Gerwig, the American actress and filmmaker who began working in ‘mumblecore’ films. Micro-budgets and amateur actors are key elements of the ostensible ‘mumblecore’ independent film movement of the early 2000s […]

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