Français Few actors through the years have proved more resilient than Joaquin Phoenix. At just 40 years old, Phoenix has established himself as a Hollywood heavyweight. With three Academy Award nominations under his belt, Phoenix has shone in roles that have run the gamut of diversity — from an authentic portrayal of folk singer Johnny […]

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Spotlight – Spike Jonze

Français As indicated by the awards ceremonies so far, Spike Jonze will be leaving with an Academy Award for Best Screenplay at this year’s Oscars for his newest film “Her”. ”Her” is about a man falling in love with his OS (intelligent computer operating system). This bizarre concept follows suit with the rest of the […]

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Ooanagh Kearney : Her Mother’s Daughters Interview

by Alexander Acosta Osorio ÉCU 2012 winner for Best Editing “Her Mother’s Daughters”, director Ooanagh Kearney dishes on her film as well as inspiration, challenges and what the future holds for her. This interview was written couple of weeks before ÉCU 2012 festival. “Her Mother’s Daughters”  tells the story of an older woman who stands […]

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