One need only to look at film reviews for “Mother!” to realise that the film has been polarizing to say the least. On the one hand it’s been lauded: ”no gob left unsmacked in Jennifer Lawrence’s anxiety dream of horror and dismay.” (Peter Bradshaw, Guardian) and on the other hand it’s been called “the […]

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April is easily shaping up to be one of the nicest months Paris has seen, but that doesn’t mean we have come out of our post-festival depression just yet! The 2013 European Independent Film Festival was one of the most incredible events of the year and the entire ÉCU staff is more than grateful for […]

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ÉCU SPOTLIGHT: Jennifer Lawrence

The name, the legend, the 22 year old, shot-slinging Academy Award winner and this week’s SPOTLIGHT: Jennifer Lawrence.  Or, as we like to call her, J-Law.  And before you ask, yes, we are most certainly on a nickname basis with the star.  How could you not be? Besides being the most talked about girl in […]

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