Français Movies have tried to explain upper-middle class domestic suffocation for a while. Sam Mendes’ American Beauty and the hit prime time TV series Desperate Housewives are a few of Hollywood’s projects that well-captured a portrait of what it meant to be comfortable and bored. I find myself tip-toeing around this subject matter at the […]

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Steve Jobs

Français Steve Jobs. The name is praised for limitless inspirational tenacity on one end, and serves as a grumbling pejorative on the other. To portray his psyche without imploding, one would need an accurate set of facts, and – perhaps more importantly – an intelligent understanding of difficult people. Director Danny Boyle teamed up with […]

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Français The tagline for The Royal Tenenbaums reads: “Get ready for a remarkable family gathering.” With that said, it should be noted that one should also get ready for a very strange family gathering, and an annoying one, at that – one with entitled spoiled rich folk so submerged in their own self-importance that lack […]

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Français Before trilogy director Richard Linklater brought pillow talk back with a healthy dose of nostalgia and the feels in Boyhood. The film’s intrigue factor is its long running cast and filming, famously spanning its storyline over twelve years and using the same actors in their aging element. But this happens to be the cherry on top of a […]

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