Français The winner of this year’s Sundance Film Festival is one of those films able to start a new trend in independent cinema, attracting the aura of the little cult movie around him and inspiring the birth of similar works. Me and Earl and The Dying Girl is he himself the fruit of a trend. […]

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Français For this Friday spotlight we‘ve chosen Lithuanian film director Alante Kavaite! She was born in 1973 in Vilnius, but has been living in France for almost seventeen years. Asked why she decided to live in a foreign country, her answer was that she wanted to see a different world and a lot of her […]

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Spotlight: Alex Ross Perry

Français Some have described him as the new Woody Allen, another magazine simply declared “Alex Ross Perry is not an asshole,” to which he promptly replied that that was just one person’s opinion. Sarcastic and funny, but also thoughtful and full of well-oriented ideas, Perry first became interested in cinema and directing during high school […]

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ÉCU spotlight: Richard Linklater’s sequel to Before Sunrise/Before Sunset!

As ÉCU’s home is the world famous City of Light we’ve always got a soft spot for classic indie films featuring our beloved Paris – such as Richard Linklater’s Before Sunset (2004). Starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, the film is shot in Paris and brings its viewers on a lovely rambling tour of the […]

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ÉCU’s guide to indie film scene in… the USA

Sundance Film Festival, one of the largest independent film festivals in the United States, was held this past 17th to 27th of January. Celebrating the best American indie films from Sundance ÉCU has collected 5 facts you definitely need to know about American independent cinema. 1. What is independent? Despite the definition of independent cinema […]

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ÉCU Spotligt: New Year’s Special

New Year 2013 is just around the corner and a mood of celebration is in the air. Some people are busy preparing for a big party, some people want to have a cosy evening at home. ÉCU have selected some good indie films for you to enjoy on New Year’s Eve, as well as for […]

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