Whether you idolize him, vilify him, or are torn about your views on him — there is no denying that Abdellatif Kechiche has made a profound and lasting mark on the French filmmaking world. With his characteristically long yet ambitious takes, his search for beauty in realism, and his passionate political engagement, Kechiche has become […]

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Spotlight: Frederick Wiseman

Français The genre of documentary would not be the same without him: tireless, prolific and incredibly intuitive, Frederick Wiseman, the director who reinvented the documentary, has made an enormous contribution by elevating and legitimizing it to the status of narrative film. One of the issues on which he has insisted above all in the unfolding […]

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Spotlight: Roberto Minervini

Français Roberto Minervini is a director who breaks the rules, a late starter, not an Italian on the run but on the go. Originally from Marche, a small Italian region, he graduated in economics and started working as a business consultant. After losing his job because of the tragedy of the 11th September 2001, he […]

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Spotlight – Gianfranco Rosi

This week we will be focusing on film director Gianfranco Rosi and his most recent achievement, prestigious Golden Lion award for the best film at the Venice Film Festival 2013 that he won with his documentary film Sacro GRA. An important fact to begin with is that the film was a first documentary to win […]

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