Français Few actors through the years have proved more resilient than Joaquin Phoenix. At just 40 years old, Phoenix has established himself as a Hollywood heavyweight. With three Academy Award nominations under his belt, Phoenix has shone in roles that have run the gamut of diversity — from an authentic portrayal of folk singer Johnny […]

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Spotlight: Scarlett Johansson

Français While still being under 30, this actress can already count two decades of acting career with a list of roles from seductive beauty to the girl next-door or super power woman. She is called the muse for several famous directors and not only because of her stunning looks but also for her unforgettable and […]

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Spotlight: Emma Stone

She first swept us off our feet as a straightedge high school student who manipulates the grape vine to move up on the social totem pole. In reality, this actress hardly needs help in the popularity department. Followers have dyed their hair red in imitation, and fantasized about dating her super-hero boyfriend. Now, adoring fans […]

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Spotlight – Woody Allen

This week’s spotlight focuses on the ever-tireless filmmaker Woody Allen and his latest film “Blue Jasmine”. The director once again proves that even after 60 years, you can still produce a very contemporary social satire. Woody Allen achieves this with his film being an intense analysis of the modern man’s psyche with a few laughs […]

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