elly and katia

Hey, we’re Elly and Katia, we’re two sixteen year old students from The Latymer School, London, doing work experience at ÉCU- The European Independent Film Festival in Paris. We’re currently both (coincidentally) studying French, Philosophy and Ethics, English Literature and History, and have one year left of Sixth Form. As we both write the film section of our school’s student magazine, working at ÉCU is a fantastic experience for us to pursue our interest in film and media and help broaden our knowledge of foreign film.

The Alphabet of our Paris week

Amazingly awesome time in Paris!
Baguettes were consumed daily as was a lot of…
Don’t ever want to eat another Cup’a’Soup…
ÉCU- The European Independent Film Festival
French keyboards are impossible.
Gmail inboxes are full to the brim…
Hey to everyone at ECU, we miss you!
Indie films for the win.
‘Jalouse’ was bought,
Katia and Elly are a bit hopeless with computers but…
Learned loads despite our incompetence.
Metro was rather difficult, but we made it in the end!
Nous aimons Paris!
Onion soup (French style),
Pour aller au metro svp?
Quick. Think of some ideas!
Ripping’ sounds mighty illegal…
So much sightseeing,
The outside toilet was too cold…
Unbelievably difficult to find the post office to collect some films,
Vimeo takes FAR too long,
We’re really grateful to everyone, major thanks for having us, can we come back please??
Xylophones were not featured in this week…
Yes, we wish we had some native American in our family!

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