The Perfect Pitch

Rodrigo Vila pitching his project “Hero of Two Sisters Mountain”
to a professional panel at ECU’s Perfect Pitch 2009

By Sarah Schutzki Voisin

From London (Good Pitch) to Scotland (The Edinburgh Pitch) to Barcelona (DocsBarcelona) to Paris (ECU’s The Perfect Pitch!!), workshops, forums and presentations on the art of pitching have become one of the backbones of the independent film festival.

In addition to offering up a great reason to travel, these events provide a chance for filmmakers to perfect a skill that doesn’t come naturally to a lot of us – the hard sell.  And in addition to providing a bit of insight and education, these events also open up communication between those filmmakers pitching and the industry professionals they are pitching to.

Stay tuned to ECU for more on all things pitching.  And for more information on pitching at The European Independent Film Festival, check out The Perfect Pitch.

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