Yo, Here’s another for Ye Olde blog. I”m just going to type it directly into this e-mail if that’s fine.

Well, there’s the first day of ECU’s wonderful Film Festival done. What have we learned? The films look amazing on the big screen, the VIP tent outside is bizarrely warmer than the Cinema inside, and everyone is feeling the passion of the filmmaker’s who had their shorts screened this evening.

It was my pleasure to find myself in between the audience, eyes still raw from being exposed to truly moving shorts, and Scott Hillier’s Q&A with the filmmakers who were present for the screening. It was very interesting to be able to hear about the workings of the minds behind such great pieces of work, plus Scott gave a truly moving opening-night speech. I swear I wasn’t holding back tears, the hot light was just really bright in my eyes!

The crowd clapped and cheered after the films, and continued to show their support and keep the party going at the after-party which took place at Sitatunga, a hip and cozy bar just a block from the festival. Bands played loud, people danced, and audience, filmmaker, and interns alike mixed and mingled in an open and friendly environment. A great night to remember!

But this was just the beginning. The real fun is just about to begin. More bands, workshops, and a full schedule of films awaits tomorrow! Till then,


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