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Threaded through a series of venues beneath Waterloo, ÉCU-partner Vault festival, promises something to look forward to in the greyness of January. The Vault Film festival is going from strength to strength as it enters its second year, bringing with it 20 incredible film screenings. Showing a range of both shorts and features from January 25th until March 5th 2017, the screenings include 10 films in the ÉCU official selection 2016 and one from the 2015 selection. The Vault Film festival is one exciting aspect of the Vault festival that will be sweeping through the tunnels for five weeks starting in January. In the 2016 edition, 40,000 people flooded the tunnels and next year promises even more excitement.

Poster Horseface (baja)Four diverse European Short Films from the ÉCU 2016 Official selection are in the screenings; Monica, The Way of Tea, Horseface and Rainbow Party. Of these four incredible films Horseface was the winner of the category. Other winners of ÉCU 2016 include the gripping Vanitas, which questions what is truly ‘authentic’ in today’s art world and received best European Feature. Refugees powerfully gave voice to child-refugees in Europe and was the winner of the Experimental Film category. Last and certainly not least, the dramatic Kidnap Capital received best non-European Feature.

Besieged Bread 02Other 2016 Non-European selections that will be bursting onto screens in London are Besieged Bread, a touching portrait of the connection between two civilians trapped by war, and Forty Days of Pines, a documentary filmed by the inhabitants of a mental hospital in Tehran. Retro-inspired music video, Inventing Myself, will be bringing a whole new pop of colour to the festival and The Stomach, a short from the ÉCU 2015 selection, swells the showings list with a supernatural touch of British horror.

We’re thrilled that Vault Film Festival is bringing such a comprehensive list of incredible films to audiences in the UK. The diversity of the titles promises an unbelievable line-up throughout the festival and means that thousands more people will have the opportunity to sample these exciting filmmakers. To find out more about the wonderful Vault Film festival and the rest of the screenings, check out the official website.


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