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So while ÉCU 2016 may have wrapped up its 11th edition in Paris and we’re already feeling very nostalgic about the festival, we’re making up for it with sun, sea and sand with fellow filmmakers in Cannes from the 11th to the 22nd May. However, for those who can’t join us to forget all troubles in the sun, there’s still plenty more to see here in Paris.

Feelgoodbrunch x Time Out: Welcome Bio – 8th May at 12:00 at La Gaîté Lyrique

lagaitelyroqueThe first in a series of four brunches throughout May, Time Out Paris have worked in collaboration with Les Camionneuses, to find the best Parisian restaurants to set up shop in La Gaîté Lyrique. For 20€, this digital arts and modern music centre of the third arrondissement will lay out the first feast of the season from Welcome Bio Cuisine. A culinary dream of veggie skewers and gluten-free blinis topped with fresh herbs and feta, Sunday’s meal will finished with a desiccated coconut chocolate fondant and citrus compote. Places are sure to be scarce, so make a reservation now! But that’s not all, after indulging in a delicious meal, each brunch is followed by a fun and original activity. At 14:30, you can make a free reservation for a session with Elie Edme. Edme offers a multidisciplinary approach to relaxation that integrates the art of movement, martial arts and meditation. This event is sure to be a balanced, health-conscious experiences for foodies, but isn’t a snooze-fest.

Soirée Sonore – 19th May at 18:30 at the Centre Pompidou

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 16.40.48The Centre Pompidou is modern in more ways than one and last year, it launched a free, innovative mobile app that lets you explore the most recognisable works of art in its modern art collection in addition to the 20th century architecture of the iconic building. To celebrate the birthday of its app, visitors will be encouraged to enter the museum, library and performance hall to explore the building using another unappreciated sense: hearing. Throughout the building, you can roam blindfolded to rediscover the museum and experience a range of fun, tailored activities. In an exclusive event, let yourself be transported in a soothing listening session, with the participation of ARTE Radio. Or le Studiomobile welcomes pairs into its little caravan to record their confessions and create an archive for the future and create an unforgettable memory. The Centre Pompidou is definitely delivering what it does best: a modern approach to modern art.

Les Rendez-vous de l’Histoire du monde arabe : Religion et Pouvoirs – 20th May – 22nd May at Institut du Monde Arabe

visuel_rvhma3 days dedicated to a thorough presentation of the history of the Arabic world and its contemporary debates, with more than 150 experts of historians, writers, journalists and political figures, this is a must-see for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of the Arabic world. The free entry is enticing enough, but the three days promise engaging debates, round tables and educational workshops. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about a rich and long history thanks to round tables exploring the role of Christians and Jews in Islam, debates on feminism in Islam.  Even Science Po has partnered with the Institute to explore Arabic politics in France and the Minister of National Education in France, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, is hoped to attend the inaugural conference. This is sure to be an enlightening event and a great chance to benefit from some of the major authorities on the Arabic world.

The French Open – 16 May – 5 June at Stade Roland Garros

rolkaThe French Open, or the Roland Garros, is one of the most famous tennis events that captures the attention of tennis lovers in Paris and around the world. While Novak Djokovic remains the favourite to win his first French Open, nine-time winner champion Rafael Nadal could prove to be a worthy opponent. Despite his first loss at the tournament last year since 2009, this year he has come back to play stronger than ever. Also, all eyes will be on Maria Sharapova after her illness at last year’s French Open and current doping scandal. There’s sure to be drama on and off the courts.

 Open Minded Festival – 26th May – 28th May at Wanderlust Paris

OPENMINDEDPISCINEWeb021_300At the coolest new Paris hangout, the open terrace of Wanderlust Paris at Gare d’Austerlitz is lending its beautiful view of the Seine to the Open Minded festival. For all Open Minded readers, it will be a weekend long celebration of music, art and good humour.  Festival-goers will get to see art that rivals the views by being surrounded by illustrations to street art with the launch of ‘The Factory’. While jamming along to everything from hip hop to house, visitors can enjoy the chill corner, vinyl stands and a food truck for a great, laidback week-end. It’s definitely a steal for 10€ per day or 25€ for the weekend, but let’s just hope that the weather adds to what could be the hippest event in May.


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