After Yonathan Levy won the ÉCU “Film of the festival 2010” with his touching film “Das Kind” he has participated in more than 12 film festivals and several screenings in Hungary, Israel, USA, Brazil, Romania. Now he and the film “Das Kind” and will be back in Paris! Due to the great and long lasting success of the film; “Das Kind” will be showcased in Cinéma le Balzac, Paris on Sunday February 24th and March 3rd. Save the date!

Where: Cinéma Le Balsac
Rue Balsac
75008, Paris

More information about the evening can be found here

Trailer “Das Kind” – Film of the festival ÉCU 2010

About the film; Irma, a 97 year old woman, retraces the journey of her life thanks to her son André. A fate marked with historical events of 20th Century Europe.
First stop: In Paris, the heart of contemporary Europe, Irma explains her efforts in the Resistance during World War II. Among other things, she explains how she was able to convince German soldiers to join the Resistance. Hans is one of these soldiers. They meet again sixty years after the war. From the Hitlerian youth to the Liberation of Paris, he speaks of his unknown journey.
Second stop: Irma and André fly to Bucharest, the young Europe, to look for Irma’s past. Through encounters and reunions of people from Irma’s past, who mingled with the most famous executives of Communist Romania, she reveals to her son the reasons of her commitment which include love and conviction. She explains what the clandestine party consisted of and why this party was so important for the preparation of the Resistance. Before leaving Bucharest she wonders what remains of these ideals and what would have become of her children if they had been raised in Romania?
Third and last stop: Czernowitz, in Ukraine, the border of Europe. Irma evokes with André the golden age of the city during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which happened before she was born. She tells him about the fall of the Empire which led to the tragic end that the jews knew about; the Romanian Shoah. Irma, whose family had been affected by this tragedy prefers to go on and focus on the future. As he tells her story full of hope, André decides to pass this message onto other people…

In 2010 ÉCU interviewed Yonathan Levy after he won the award “best film of the festival” with his film “Das Kind” Check out the video and discover what Yonathan thinks of ÉCU!

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