ÉCU office at the end of the court yard

Summer is in full swing here in Paris and whilst we’re suffering from the heat in the office we love the warm days and blue skies. The month of August is always a great time for film fans in Paris as the open air cinemas are in full swing and are a great way to make the most of the warm summer evenings. At Parc de la Villette, Friday showings always feature a short film before the blockbuster which is a fantastic way of getting lesser known, indie films seen by large audiences. We have been busy creating videos and writing articles to keep all you ÉCU fans up-to-date and informed on not only the festival, but the film industry as well.

A big moment for ÉCU was the collaboration with the OPEN CINEMA Film Festival in Russia. At the festival a special screening for ÉCU was set up, featuring five of our award-winning films from our 2012 festival. We are so happy to be collaborating with this great festival and are always eager for new partnerships.

ÉCU has recently launched its range of Spotlight articles where we focus on someone in the industry who we believe deserves attention for their accomplishments. So far we have written about Chris Marker, Lena Dunham and Mel Stuart and we will be focusing on various others in the coming weeks. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our future Spotlight articles.

For all indie filmmakers who are trying to publicise their productions, there’s an extremely helpful article on our website letting people know how to social media their film. Social media plays a huge role in promoting an indie film so for tips on the best ways to advertise your film for free, be sure to check it out.

A little fun rivalry between our interns at the office turned into the idea for a video where the French and the Irish go to head to head in a battle of cinema. Both as patriotic as one another, their competitive sides are revealed as they boast about their country’s cinematography talent.

We are always searching for new indie films and new talent out there. We need your submissions to make ÉCU 2013 the best festival yet. So be sure to submit early!

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