There is no doubt that all of us are experiencing some undeniable weariness now that
the merry revelries and scorching heat of the summer season is well and truly
winding down to welcome the crispy, fresh weather and leaf-strewed streets of these
autumnal days. So to combat this inevitable deflation, why not join us in taking a look
back at all the exciting developments that have taken place at your favourite indie
film festival during the last four weeks!

Firstly, we’d like to share how continually impressed and delighted we have been by
the rich assortment of film submissions that we have received since submissions for
ÉCU 2018 officially opened a number of weeks ago! We are enamoured with the
varied assortment of indie projects that have been sent our way and look forward to
receiving even more of your creative treasures. To find out about how you can get
involved in next year’s edition of ÉCU which is already swiftly approaching, click here!
One of our most exciting recent developments was the wonderful occasion we had to
travel to the thriving and historic Greek capital of Athens at end of the month for
ÉCU-Goes- To-Athens! For four wondrous days, ÉCU presented Greek audiences some
of the world’s crème-de- la-crème of indie filmmaking, screening a diverse, award-
winning range of 27 thought-provoking, profoundly moving and visually exquisite
indie films from over a dozen countries, all previously selected as part of ÉCU’s 2017
Official Selection.

At Athens’ Chytirio Theatre Art Café in the bountiful Gazi area, we presented film
screenings ranging from from short animation films to experimental works, student
projects and feature-length productions which ran from 20.45 till midnight every
night from Wednesday until Friday.
Special from picks from the captivating medley included Giada Ghiringhelli’s Rhythm
of Being, a vibrantly avant-garde representation of an individual’s origination and
growth, Stephan Bookas and Tristan Daws’s illuminating documentary poem,
Refugee Blues and Daniela Leitner’s spirited yet poignantly melancholic, Late Season,
a tale of the oscillations in the romance of a long-term couple.

Here at ÉCU, we continually pride ourselves on being a truly unique film festival with
with a wide assortments of film festival partnerships and a jam-packed calendar, all in
order to ensure that all the filmmakers who submit to us have the best opportunity
to screen their works to as many industry experts, fellow film devotees and members
of the general public, as possible.
As always, we are highly encouraged by this month’s developments and look forward
to see what September has in store for us and the world of indie filmmaking!

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