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This month, the ÉCU team has been enjoying the spring sunshine while preparing for the next edition of ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival. Calling all independent filmmakers, submissions for the X edition of ÉCU are now open! The festival will be held in Paris on April 10th-12th, 2015. You do not want to miss out on the chance to screen your work before a global audience at the most significant indie film event in Europe. Be sure to submit early!

Our search for the greatest independent films never ends, and ÉCU was thrilled to keep hunting for emerging talent at the Festival de Cannes for one week from May 17th to 24th. You can get the inside scoop on the esteemed festival by reading the recap on our website. Check out our interview series with the festival’s amazing independent filmmakers, showcasing their thoughts on festival life, fellow filmmakers, and independent cinema in general. ÉCU was so energized by the event, as we remember the remarkable opportunities that only an independent film festival can offer.

Always on the go, ÉCU took a selection of its 2014 Official Selection films to Lebanon for more indie film goodness. The ÉCU-on-the-Road tour continued with a visit to Beirut for the Cabriolet Film Festival. Lebanese and international shorts films were featured in a unique collection that explored the theme “Relationship”. Among our favorites is Farah Alhashim’s film 7 Hours, winner of this year’s Ahmed Khedr Award for Excellence in Arab Filmmaking. The short delves into how the seven-hour time difference between Beirut and New York can challenge and change the passionate relationship between two people. We definitely understand a thing or two about time differences here at ÉCU. Next stop, Italy!

Here at the office we continue to organize ÉCU 2015 as we promote all of the films screened in the latest festival, looking forward to celebrating 10 years of incredible indie work. We hope you’re excited as we are for what the next month has in store! Stay tuned for updates!

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