We lose JM today
Why? None can say
But, if there was a God ‐ and I doubt it so –
He’d have said no
Too young. Too good. Too true
You deserve much more than this.

Albertville. ..
But, Right now, there is a darkness on the edge of town
engulfing our hearts and piercing my dark, hard soul.

With our eyes we shall see you no more
But like a spirit in the night ‐
‐ and I know that this’ll be hard:
‐ you’ll forever be our Saint in the City.
We had it once – we JUST ain’t got it anymore.

Everybody’s got a hunger – a hunger they can’t resist.
And together JM, we raced down those streets of fire,
laughing out loud at the danger,
eyes fixed straight ahead,
hearts straight and true –
our dreams of joy held high:
aloft for all to see.

Often we were blinded by the light –
but we learnt to shade our sight
and continued working on a dream
shouldering the load together – a real team.
Trust me, this was no simple throw of the dice.
If dreams came true – now wouldn’t that be nice.

It’s been written that Thunder Road
will lead us down to Jungleland
Where a barefoot girl sits on the hood of a dodge
drinking warm beer in the soft summer rain.

Now, we’re lost in the Flood.
And when the lights go out
we’ll look up and share with you the stars
Because‐the‐night is made for dreamers
Because‐the‐night was made for us..

Jean‐Marie Allin, I can barely say your name
The pain, oh, the sickening pain….
JMA, you were not born … to live.. to … die..
For we had so many things to do.

Is there a promised land?
Way out past the BADLANDS?
Well, you’ll tell me ‐ us THREE..
And of course Rhi,
For we’ll all join you soon enough.. My friend

AND, and of today, let it not be said that the poets down here write nothing at all.
The screen door has slammed for the very last time
But as we place pictures of our heroes up on the walls,
…..up front and centre ‐
……………..will be yours.

A poem by Scott Hillier
21st August 2009
Albertville, France

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