This week’s spotlight is dedicated to indie film darling Paul Dano. Born in 1984 in New York City, he’s been an actor for over two thirds of his life, across a plethora of mediums, depicting a wide spectrum of characters. But one thing remains constant across his dozens of roles: passion.

Dano got his start on the stage, making his Broadway debut at age 12 with Inherit the Wind. His teenage television roles were nothing to sneeze at either — by 18, he had a small recurring role in The SopranosWith plenty of TV and theater experience before he could legally buy beer, the final frontier was laid out ahead of him: the silver screen. Dano’s track record in film is nothing short of outstanding. While his first major role was at age 16, his real ‘big break’ came in 2006, with the film Little Miss Sunshine, in which he played a teenager on a vow of silence, determined to join the Air Force.

His next big role came with There Will Be Blood, wherein he played twins opposite Daniel Day Lewis. Peter Travers lauded his performance, declaring “all praise to the baby-faced Dano.”In these last ten years, Paul Dano has taken care to fill his CV with impactful films, all at once heart-wrenching and side-splitting, from his devastatingly sensitive turn as Brian Wilson in Love and Mercy, to the dazed and desperate Hank in Swiss Army Man. In regards to acting, Dano has stated, “I want to get better and I want to do more. It’s less about stardom and more about being somebody who wants to help create work I want to see.”

We certainly enjoy watching your films, Paul, and can’t wait to see what else you do!

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