Français   This Friday’s genre is animation! ÉCU wants to give the Spotlight to the creative and artistic man, the creator of the awesome masterpieces in the animation world like Kirikou et La Sorcière and Azur et Asmar, Michel Ocelot, who treats his works truly from his heart and soul! Michel Ocelot is a French […]

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Spotlight- Arnaud Desplechin

Français For the ending of this year’s Christmas season we would like to draw your attention to another French director – Arnaud Desplechin and especially one of his latest movie A CHRISTMAS TALE. Arnaud Desplechin started his career as a filmmaker after graduating from University of Paris III:Sorbonne Nouvele in 1984 by creating several short […]

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Spotlight – Christian Carion

Français Continuing on the movies with Christmas spirit, we would like to draw your attention to a French movie director Christian Carion and his movie JOYEUX NOËL. Christian grew up in a farm in northern France, not far from the places where the former front during World War I was set, as such, he recalls […]

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Esta semana el foco cae está sobre Marcel Carné, un cineasta innovador que lideró la corriente del realismo poético y podría decirse que en su área fue el cineasta más admirado. Su magnífica obra fue producida justo antes de la mitad del siglo veinte, la cual incluye “Quai des Brumes” (1938); “Les Portes de la […]

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