Entrevista Exclusiva con Abu Bakr Shawky, director de “Things I Heard on Wednesdays”.

ÉCU – Festival Europeo de Cine Independiente, hace resaltar este año a seis directores independientes de cine Árabe, quienes estarán compitiendo por el premio Ahmed Khedr (The Ahmed Khedr Award for Excellence in Arab Filmmaking. )a la excelencia en cinematografía árabe. También presentándose en el Festival de Cine de Nueva York, Things I Heard on Wednesday, es un film dirigido por Abu Nakr Shawky, uno de […]

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Helen Hunt y su indie hit “the Sessions”

para seguir al día de el éxito en la industria mundial de cine independiente, en la mira de ÉCU de esta semana esta Helen Hunt y su mas reciente papel en The Sessions (2012). Esta Inspiradora películas ah ganado el prestigioso Sundance Aundience Award 2012 y esta listo para salir en los cines la próxima […]

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HAAL – Official Trailer

In 1977, the military staged a coup in Pakistan, replacing the populist socialist leader Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto with the Islamist General Zia-ul-Haq. What followed are now known as the black years of Pakistan’s history, with brutal enactments of barbaric laws to persecute minorities, suppress women and silence dissent. People were flogged in the streets for […]

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ÉCU’s Guide to Italian Gestures

ÉCU OFFICE EPISODES Episode 6 – The Italians Over the years ÉCU has had interns from all over the World. We’ve had Poles, Danes, Brazilians and Roastbeefs; We’ve shared our laughs, wine, beers and tears with Aussies, Hungarians, Chinese and even the Irish. But for some reason for the last two years we have had […]

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SPOTLIGHT: Lena Dunham

This week we’re spotlighting Lena Dunham, a New York filmmaker who has made her debut into mainstream cinema with her indie comedy “Tiny Furniture”. (Image of Lena Dunham in the TV series “Girls”) Lena Dunham seems to be the girl that everyone is talking about at the minute. She has recently released the critically acclaimed […]

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Ludwig-265, directed by Oxana Vertinskaya, is competing in ECU 2010’s European Student Film category! Check out this teaser!

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