By Marie Thiery, intern at ÉCU

How much have you heard about homosexuality in soccer? Know anything about German expressionism? Do you really know what multiple sclerosis is? And how does the idea of a robot confessional strike you?

On Wednesday, July 20th, Tiphaine Vidal and I attended the short films screening at La Péniche Cinéma and hosted by the audiovisual BTS class of 2011 photo journalist students attending the « École des métiers de la communication » (EMC).

In the heart of the Parc de la Villette, La Péniche Cinéma is a platform for the filmmakers of tomorrow, serving as a place for the general public to unite with the professional film industry. Open to everyone, the projections screened by La Péniche Cinéma enable the discovery of many short films that would otherwise go unrecognized and would not be released in movie theatres.

During this exclusive EMC evening, around fifteen short films were projected, followed by a debate among film teams overseen by Nathalie Canard-Bechade, head professor from EMC.

“No budget”, “Only 26€ to make a movie”, “Shot entirely with an iPhone”, “Made with friends”, “Depending on the weather », “Filmed in one day” … These young students faced every obstacle an independent filmmaker could face, and yet were still able to present short films of quality around many topics such as loneliness, love, homosexuality, disease, bureaucracy and many others.

Tiphaine and I had the opportunity to talk with several of them and we hope to see them one day at ÉCU !

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