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Christmas holiday is inevitably approaching and while everybody is busy preparing for it, we though about presenting several directors, or more their particular movies, that might be an interesting replacement for a mainstream Christmas-like movies, that are watched over and over every year.

madagaskarasdidelis_z1As such, this week we would like to draw your attention to one of the most talented artists in Lithuania – Marius Ivaškevičius. Ivaškevičius studied literature in Vilnius University an after graduating have established himself as a playwright and have been working in a theater. Among his most prominent works are his plays: MADAGASCAR and EXPULSION. MADAGASCAR is a story about new-born independent state – Lithuania in the years 1912-1945 – and its intellectuals discussing the possible routes the country should take. The play EXPULSION is party based on true stories of Eastern European emigrants in London and as such illustrates a pressing problem in nowadays Lithuania and the region as well as explores the complexity of the issue of identity.

SantaNot surprisingly, Ivaškevičius recent step to a cinematic world by directing his first movie SANTA, has also to do with the sociological today’s problems. Asked “how special is SANTA for you” Ivaškevičius replied that: ”first of all, to me as a movie director it is my first job. So just from that point of view it has been very special. I don’t know how I will see it long-term, but short-term, I’m over the moon about it.” The movie itself is about a change and personal challenges in ones life that happens over a trip to Lapland. In order to manage them one must have hope and love as well as believe in the miracles and fairy-tales.. As one of the main actress Sandra Daukšaitė said the movie is not only about Santa. It is a story that embraces both fairy-tale and reality, reality that is sometimes difficult and heartbreaking. Nonetheless, the fairy-tale part of it brings hope and inspiration to everybody’s story and helps to get over one or the other part of ones life.

During the Christmas period, we wish you to remember the miracle part on the side of reality and enjoy watching Ivaškevičius movie SANTA together with your loved ones.

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