It’s impossible to talk about UK independent film directors without at least mentioning Shane Meadows’ film “This is England”. It is considered as one of the best UK independent films and is basically compulsory viewing if you consider yourself British. In fact, the film was so successful that three television sequels were made, each […]

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  We couldn’t imagine cinema without the name of Henri Langlois, but somehow not many people know him. He really is a big deal and he might just be the reason why we are able to see À Bout de souffle on Netflix today. It all started when Henri Langlois (1914 – 1977) began a […]

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Spotlight: Gleb Panfilov

It would be almost impossible to leave Gleb Panfilov’s name out of a considered list of East Europe’s most influential living directors. Indubitably, he is one of few filmmakers around who have been able to so adroitly illustrate the collective and individual, material and psychological disposition of the region in its pre- and post-Soviet era, […]

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Français   This Friday, ÉCU wants to give the spotlight to a philosophical film director, screenwriter and producer, who has been regarded as one of the greatest living filmmakers and whose works have received consistent praise: Terrence Malick. He studied philosophy at Harvard University and graduated summa cum laude in 1965. Malick is famously protective of his […]

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Français   As The European Independent Film Festival, ÉCU never stops encouraging all independent filmmakers in every corner of the world. That’s why, this Friday Spotlight is about a man whose independent spirit leads him to a great success. Mark Ruffalo, whose bio on Twitter is «I’m a husband, father, actor, director, and a climate change […]

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Spotlight- Paul Thomas Anderson

Français   This week’s spotlight covers the director of BOGGIE NIGHTS, Paul Thomas Anderson. Encouraged by his father, Paul began making films at a young age. Using the money he saved from working at a pet store, he made his first 30 minute mockumentary at 17 years old. After two semesters in college, Paul made a […]

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Spotlight – James Marsh

Français This spotlight follows the British director James Marsh, whose most recent film THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING, which portrays the life of Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane, went on to impress both audiences and film critics alike. After graduating with an English degree from the University of Oxford, Marsh started his career by directing […]

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