What do you do if you have a strong idea for a short film but no funding to make it? You make it yourself at home, in your flat, with your wife. This is what David F. Sandberg did anyway. The concept of his story is very simple: Lotta Lotsen (the film director’s wife) switches […]

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Spotlight – Christian Carion

Français Continuing on the movies with Christmas spirit, we would like to draw your attention to a French movie director Christian Carion and his movie JOYEUX NOËL. Christian grew up in a farm in northern France, not far from the places where the former front during World War I was set, as such, he recalls […]

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Spotlight – Top 5 Holiday Films

Français Making lists during the Christmas Holidays is something common, so in order to follow suit this is a list of the 5 holiday movies that should be seen in every household before New Year. And the upside of this list is that it doesn’t matter if you are naughty or nice you will still […]

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Scott Hillier, il Presidente di ÉCU Film Festival, ha fatto la sua apparizione sul palco. Durante il suo discorso ha promesso un’esperienza cinematografica mai provata prima e completamente diversa da ciò che il cinema locale può offrire. Di sottofondo, brevi clip dei film in concorso al festival hanno offerto un prima testimonianza della veridicità della […]

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