Suddenly summer is over again; without warning, you are delved into a crowded metro station with your rainy coat and a nostalgic look. Sure, summer may leave you nice and bronzed but there is so much to look forward in autumn – mornings will be golden and misty, falling leaves, an excuse for hot drinks… oh, or just cuddle up and watch some cool indie films on our Film Channel

After a quick break in the French countryside, our crazy staff is back at the office and ready for an exciting rest of the year. We are constantly reading all the great film scripts submitted into our Much More Than a Script Competition. ÉCU accepts short and feature-length scripts in English, French, Spanish, German and Italian, so we invite all the writers to send in their works.

Dozens of films have been submitted to ÉCU so far, and new festivals from Italy, Portugal, Brazil and Russia joined our partners’ network. We are really proud of this result, as we work hard every day in order to reach and to catch the attention of as many film lovers as we can. All these news seem to be a good omen for our Xth Edition taking place in Paris on April 10th – 12th 2015.

If you’re thinking that ÉCU is focused only on film and video art, we are here to prove that you’re wrong! During August, our talented graphic designer Ona Canilao has been documenting through amazing drawings what was happening in the streets of Paris; you can’t miss her awesome series “When in Paris” on our website.

September is coming closer and closer; ÉCU Team is getting increasingly busy, but we never forget to keep you in the loop, as our social media and our website is always updated. So keep in touch and don’t miss our fresh daily news.

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