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The end of a year always comes with a fair bit of intensity and an inevitable tendency to draw the conclusion of your work. This quite describes last December at ÉCU. As 2015 came to an end, the chance to submit films to The European Independent Film Festival is getting narrow: the final deadline is approaching day by day. More and more hungry of independent films, last month we focused many of our efforts on the promotion of Regular Deadline on December 20th. A cool Timelapse video set at one of the various beauties of our city, the Tour Eiffel, was realised by our team of creatives. Make sure you haven’t missed it on our channels. We also prepared a series of daily tips for filmmakers in order to remind them the basics of a good creation process and inspire them to submit to ÉCU 2016.

Although we had a break from the road, we proudly supported the first edition of our new partner VAULT Film Festival which will allow “The Best of ÉCU” to fly to London and take part to this very independent competition in February! Fifteen of our alumni will have the exciting opportunity to participate to VAUL for free. We can’t wait for it to begin and find out how our lucky filmmakers will do in London! Another recent addition to our partnerships is Docunder30, a Documentary Film Festival for Young Filmmakers. Based in Bologna, Italy, Docunder30 took place in the second week of December 2015 and had a great success. Thanks to this new connection young documentarists will have the chance to submit their films for free at ÉCU. Cooperation between Independent Festivals is one of the most amazing parts of our work! And we will keep on doing that because we believe team work can make our indie dreams and yours come true!

As usual, we published our weekly spotlight articles. If you missed them, you should catch up as we’ve been writing about some interesting and not that well-known cinema characters:  we revealed Shia Labeouf‘s transformation from the baby-faced Disney child star to the mature actor and bona fide sex symbol he is today, we talked about Italian filmmaker and actor Nanni Moretti, a quirk figure whose latest film “My Mother”, as many of his previous ones, was on the top of prestigious Les Cahiers du Cinéma movies list for 2015, and finally closed our month with incredible Victoria, an innovative full feature film shot in one single take by German director Sebastian Shipper!

At last, after the hard work, holidays finally came for us too! Christmas time brought us back to our home countries to enjoy cozy days with families and friends, getting refreshed for a new, explosive year of independence, freedom and creativity at ÉCU! Three months left until 2016 edition and we can’t wait for that! We wish a happy and productive new year to you all, keep following and supporting us!

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