New Year 2013 is just around the corner and a mood of celebration is in the air. Some people are busy preparing for a big party, some people want to have a cosy evening at home. ÉCU have selected some good indie films for you to enjoy on New Year’s Eve, as well as for New Year’s Day.

If you have decided to make a New Year’s indie movie evening, you can’t miss the indie classic film New Year’s Day (1989) starring young David Duchovni. This film tells the story of three young women about to move out of an apartment they have shared for years. They mistakenly believed they could stay there until the end of the New Year’s Day, but their landlord returns earlier. Therefore they have no alternative, but to spend New Year’s Eve together.

You can find a more romantic and cheerful atmosphere in the black and white indie film In Search of a Midnight Kiss (2007), directed by Alex Holdridge, which received awards at many independent film festivals. After having the worst year ever, Wilson wishes to stay in bed during New Year’s Eve. But then he decides to go on a date with Vivien, despite her being neurotic and annoying. Unwillingness to spend New Year’s Eve alone keeps them together. This film is not another simple love story, as it also deals with loneliness and bad timing in a funny and honest way.

On the first day of the year when you have a hangover, it’s the perfect time to watch some quality indie films!

For those who are interested in the theme of other planets (and what impact they might have on the earth) and also for those who were crazy about the end of the world this December, a science-fiction drama Another Earth (2011) from Mike Cahill is the perfect choice. This film starring young and promising actress Brit Marling and William Mapother, better known as Tom Cruise’s cousin, is about the appearance of a new planet, which is an exact mirror of the Earth, containing a duplicate version of ourselves who mirror our earthly existences. The main focus of the film, however, is on the attachment between two damaged individuals who are connected by a terrible accident.

A quirky and colourful film from Wes Anderson, called Moonrise Kingdom (2012), starring Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Bill Murrey and Tilda Swinton, brings that summer feeling and memories of first love back. It’s New England in 1965, and two 12 year-olds, “emotionally disturbed” scout boy and another troubled girl, decide to run away with each other. This sets the town on a desperate search for them. It is a film for adults to remember what it was like to be a child: trying to fit in, being an outsider, seeking freedom and being continually frustrated by the seemingly absurd and rigid world of adulthood.

For people who would not like to spend the first day of the year at home, it’s a time to go to the cinema and to watch Beasts of the Southern Wild, another remarkable indie film of the year 2012 which was praised at the Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival and many others. Director Benh Zeitlin tells a story about a little girl Hushpuppy, living with her father in the small community full of lucky and free people on the islands of Louisiana. The main messages of the film are to appreciate what you have in your life, to be strong in the most difficult situations, and how to see the world through the eyes of a child. This magical and powerful film full of love to life is a perfect start in the new year.

ÉCU is looking forward to more outstanding indie films in the upcoming year and especially during the 8th edition of our film festival! Happy New Year!

Xenia Piskunova

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