As the summer season is now in full swing and the hottest month of the year is upon us, we are eager to update our readers as to the nature of our exciting recent developments!

At ÉCU, we are relentless in our quest to embolden filmmakers who are wary to present their works or lack the financial support to do so, and ensure that their films are seen by as large an audience as possible.

This month, we did exactly that by offering another incentive in our commitment to this goal – a special, 30% discount on submission fees for ÉCU 2018 in honour of France’s fireworks-effused, mirth-filled, riotously celebratory national Bastille Day – solidifying our pledge to encourage both burgeoning and seasoned filmmakers to publicise their creative efforts and, in doing so, make their voices heard.

At ÉCU, we are always excited to share refreshing new films with our partner festivals so that talented filmmakers, producers and screenwriters can have the best opportunity to have their films seen by as wide an audience as possible. To find out more about how to submit to ÉCU 2018 and what is in store for the event, click here!

Since the lead-up to this year’s triumphant apex of all our year-round efforts in the form of ÉCU 2017, we have witnessed a flurry of highly talented, hard-working, deeply curious and, of course, hard-core indie film-loving interns who have been pivotal in ensuring the smooth functioning of our festival throughout the year.

The month of August – a bona fide period of obligatory relaxation and vacation – often sees a quieting down in our influx of interns whom we are always prepared to put into good use in the form of a challenging yet rewarding induction into the world of indie filmmaking.

So if what we get up to at ÉCU sounds great to you, why not come and join our team and spend the month of August in Paris savouring the countries gourmets delicacies, careening down the famous boulevards and working with the ÉCU team! We are open to new applications for conscientious interns to help make ÉCU 2018 the best edition of our festival thus far!

We are thrilled to find out what the month of August has in store for ÉCU and we can’t wait for you to join us in this thrilling experience!

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