We all fell in love with her in Sophia Coppola’s SOMEWHERE. Impossible not to adore this innocent and lively girl who stands in complete opposite to the world of Hollywood her father lives in. Elle Fanning brought a freshness and honesty to the film, which was praised all over the world. With only 16 years of age she continues to choose interesting roles to keep evolving.

This weeks spotlight is definitely one to watch out for!

Like her older sister Dakota, Elle Fanning starts to experience the life in front of the camera very early. At the age of only 2 years she started by playing the younger version of Dakota’s characters in TAKEN and I AM SAM. But she soon started to detach herself from her sister and got her first independent roles. Her role in THE DOOR IN THE FLOOR, next to Jeff Bridges and Kim Basinger, showed that his little girl was definitely an emerging talent: the film’s producers were originally planning to hire two identical twins for the part. But they were so impressed by Fanning that they decided to let her play all the part herself. Another big project in which she participated was Academy Award winning BABEL. Here she played the little daughter of Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Not bad at the age of then only 7. Shortly after that she started to book leading roles, the first one in RESERVATION ROAD, portraying Emma Learner, who lost her brother in a car accident. 2009 it was announced that she would be starring in Sophia Coppola’s new film SOMEWHERE. The film which evolves around a father-daughter relation in the world of Hollywood, was praised a lot and received the Golden Lion at the 67th Venice Film Festival.

Elle arrived in the limelight, well deserved. After this success she starred in SUPER 8 and WE BOUGHT A ZOO.But her most interesting and acclaimed performance to date was the one she delivered in GINGER & ROSA. Here she portrayed Ginger with a „luminous naturalism that seems the opposite of performance.“ (Ty Burr)


ÉCU likes especially the way she picks her roles and keeps an interesting balance between independent films and blockbusters. This week for example we can see her newest film „Maleficent“, where she plays Princess Aurora next to Angelina Jolie. The opposite of Ginger and Rosa, but it works.

In the words of the New York Times: “It is frightening how good she is and hard to imagine anything she could not do.”

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