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For this Friday spotlight we’ve chosen a Franco-Argentine film director: Gaspar Noé.

Gaspar Noé, son of the famous Argentine painter Luis Felipe Noé, was born in 1963 in Buenos Aires. He now lives and works in France as film director. Extremely modern and far from the reality, Noé started making film to express his feelings and his spirit of freedom. The Argentine director’s main aim is “to make people feel out of their minds”; this is the reason why his films usually received so much criticism.

IRREVESIBLEHis masterpiece is IRREVERSIBLE, written and directed in 2002. The film is about the pleasure and, even though it won the “Bronze Horse” at Stockholm Film Festival 2002, it was regarded by critics as one of the most controversial of 2002: the main reason was the presence of scenes of sexual assault and murder.



ENTER THE VOIDAnother famous film, directed by Gaspar Noé, is ENTER THE VOID. This film is the most obvious expression of the Noé’s creativity both for its plot and  its original production techniques. A draft version of the film was also presented in competition at Cannes Film Festival in 2009.



LOVEIn 2015 he directed his last film LOVE. Through it Gaspar Noé showed all his egocentrism and, as usual, divided critics opinions: it has been judged by Indiewire as “a film without a real plot”. It has been reviewed different times before its debut at 2015 Cannes Film Festival.


“Don’t care about what people think, just go on your way and be yourself!” is our Friday message. If you feel a free spirit like Gaspar Noé, show yourself to audiences through submission at ÉCU Film Festival. This is the right place for you.

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